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‘PRESS ON’ Flying Lancaster Bombers Over the Third Reich
Squadron Leader Frank Lawrence DFC DFM RAAF

By Lex McAulay ISBN: 9780646923833

In the last week of July 1943 the most destructive series of bombing raids in the history of warfare – to that time - were launched from Britain by the Royal Air Force and US 8th Air Force against the German port city of Hamburg. Large parts of the city were destroyed in a series of fire storms created by the bombs, dry weather and flammability of the city. Tens of thousands of people died.

The final raid in this series was made on the night of 2 August, but a violent storm formed between England and Germany and the bombing raid was not a success.

Among the 740 bombers sent out was one four-engine Lancaster flown by Flight Sergeant Frank Lawrence RAAF, on his twenty-sixth attack on enemy targets since March. The conditions were worse than any he had encountered in his flying career, which in total was only about 500 flying hours. Blue light arced between the protruding barrels of the machineguns and all four spinning propeller discs were lit by electricity. The bomber was thrown about by severe turbulence.

Then, for no reason Lawrence or his flight engineer could determine, the engines ceased to function. They still operated but gave no power to pull the heavy bomber along. The instruments began to fail and the Lancaster began to lose height; the storm flashed all around the aircraft. Frank Lawrence went on towards Hamburg, still with his bombs aboard, only one engine giving any power, determined to bomb when below the storm clouds.

Here was the ‘Press On’ spirit so valued by RAF Bomber Command 1939-45.

This is an account of the war service of a young man from rural Australia who flew in the most dangerous field of military aviation 1940-45 – night bombing of targets in Nazi Germany.

This book is available on disk, priced at $22.00 within Australia and as an e-Book at Amazon-Kindle, priced at US$7.99.

Also available in book form, limited print run, price $55.00 post free within Australia

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