Air Organisations of the Third Reich

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Air Organisations of the Third Reich

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Roger James Bender
James Bender Publishing, USA 1967
This is hard cover, 150mm x 230mm, 190 pages, hard cover; good condition.

One copy only available.

The title is self-explanatory, and this book describes and illustrates the aviation organisations created by the Nazi regime.

This is the book to have at hand to identify the numerous ribbons and medals in photos of a fully-dressed German aviation person.

There are seven sections, with illustrations, many in colour, and descriptions of the aviation and Luftwaffe awards and where they were worn.

The sections cover:

  • The National Socialist Flying Corps;
  • The Luftwaffe, with six sub-sections to cover parachuting and the Hermann Goring Division;
  • Auxiliary units;
  • Foreign Legions in the Luftwaffe; and
  • Air defence. 

The illustrations cover uniforms and equipment, rank and specialist badges, war service awards and badges, unit insignia and flags and banners, in colour.

Price: $44.00 including postage within Australia.

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