Orders, Decorations, Medals & Badges of the Third Reich

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Orders, Decorations, Medals & Badges of the Third Reich

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David Littlejohn & Colonel C.M. Dodkins

James Bender Publishing, USA 1973

This is hard cover, 150mm x 230mm, 230 pages, hard cover; good condition.

One copy only available.

The title is self-explanatory, and this book describes and illustrates the numerous decorations created by the Nazi regime to recognise service by military, civilians and in sports. If one ever felt the need to identify the numerous ribbons and medals in photos of a fully-dressed German civilian or military person, this is the book to have at hand.

The Nazi Party went to great lengths to recognise contributions to the regime, in civilian and military service, in youth and civil organisations, in police and emergency services and in the railways, and for women in all walks of life.

There are 17 sections, with illustrations and descriptions of the awards and where they were worn.

Section 1 includes Orders of the German Eagle, the German Order, National Prize for Ar t and Science, Red Cross, Social Welfare, Olympic Games, Civil Defence, Fire Brigade, Mine Rescue, Mother’s Cross, Life Saving, German Defence, 13 March 1938, 1 October 1938, Memel, Long Service, Labour Service long Service, Police Long Service, Customs Service, Faithful Service, SS Long Service, Long Service as a Civilian with Army or Navy.

Section 2 is non-Portable Civil Awards, of which there are 5.

Section 3 is awards of the NSDAP (Nazi Party), of which there are 9, plus 10 more for Districts.

Section 4 is for Adult Sports Badges, of which there are 11, including for War wounded and for Care of Horses.

Section 5 covers the 22 badges for Youth, including for ski-ing, shooting, riding and flying.

Section 6 covers recognised service in the Spanish Civil War, with three medals or badges and a cuff title.

Section 7 covers Orders, Decorations and Medals 1939-45, with the well-known Iron Cross series, German Cross, War Merit Cross, Roll of Honour clasp, the Russian Winter Medal for 1941-42, the Pilot-Observer Badge with Diamonds and the Fuhrer Commendation Certificate.

Section 8 includes Commemorative Cuff titles and War Badges, with four cuff titles and four badges for Wounded.

Section 9 has the eight Shield Badges, awarded for service in a battle or campaign, worn on the upper arm as a metal badge: Narvik, Cholm, Crimea, Demjansk, Kuban, Warsaw, Lorient and Lapland.

Section 10 covers the Army and Waffen-SS War Badges, eleven in all, such as Infantry assault, Close Combat, Sniper, et cetera.

Section 11 has the 15 War Badges for the Navy, for U-Boat service, Destroyers, E-Boat, cruisers, et cetera.

Section 12 covers the Luftwaffe, with relevant air crew and flying badges, plus Luftwaffe service in naval and tank actions, with 15 entries.

Section 13 has the eleven non-portable awards for the Luftwaffe, with goblets, salvers, plaques and medallions.

Section 14 has the five awards to Foreign Auxiliaries.

Section 15 has the three Industrial Awards.

Section 16 has Miscellaneous Awards, such as Labour Service, National Culture, Technical Emergency Service, German Female railway Staff and female SS Auxiliaries, ten in all.

Section 17 is the Free City of Danzig Awards, for Long Service, War Service, life Saving, with seven in all.

There is an appendix about Denazification of these awards for post-war wearing, and a colour chart of the medal ribbons, in colour, on four pages.

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