Der Adler Luftwaffe Magazine

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Der Adler Luftwaffe Magazine

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Product Information

There are 24 issues here, across 1941-1944. The content is Third Reich propaganda, but includes items on civilian films of the time, home life, advertisements, Knight’s Cross recipients, and cartoons.

There are informative articles on duties of specialists and photos and action drawings of front-line events.

Items describe activities by fighter, bomber, reconnaissance, training, air-sea rescue, flak, ground actions, paratroops, bomb damage teams and rest homes.

The magazines comprise a window into Germany and the Luftwaffe of the times.

The paper used is that of the 1940s and now is brittle and showing its age.

Some pages are torn.

These will be sold as one batch, price $1,200.00.

Post-free within Australia, by registered post.

Der Adler list of dates:


  • 6 May
  • 3 June
  • 29 July
  • 26 August
  • ??
  • 7 October
  • 25 November
  • 16 December
  • 30 December.


  • 16 June
  • 1 December
  • 15 December.


  • 24 August
  • 21 September
  • 5 October
  • 2 November
  • 16 November
  • 14 December.


  • 11 January
  • 6 February
  • 22 February
  • 4 April
  • 13 June
  • 5 September.

Examples of content.

6 May 1941


Drawing of Stuka attack on Belgrade


  1. Photos and drawings of the campaign in Yugoslavia and Greece (5 pages)
  2. Photos from a Storch during an advance
  3. ‘Bombs on Belgrade’
  4. Bulgarian flyers
  5. Article on the African campaign
  6. Reconnaissance photos of Suez, airfields, the canal, etc
  7. ‘The quick cannon of Abbeville’, article on flak battery there – 88mm
  8. Article on cheery Luftwaffe ground crews in supply role and repairing an airfield
  9. Air recon photo of Benghazi
  10. Photo essay on a Luftwaffe diver
  11. Photo essay on recruit training ‘It’s so great to be a soldier’
  12. Delivery of a he111 before it flies on operations
  13. Full-page ad: Cologne ford trucks
  14. Four cartoons
  15. Article on soldier’s slang
  16. Photo of Hanna Reitsch after the award of the Iron Cross 2nd Class
  17. Full-page ad: Ju87 and Ju88
  18. Cartoon, cross-word, small items
  19. Full-page ad: Gossen light-meters for photography
  20. Photo essay, at a Luftwaffe junior ranks rest hostel.

15 December 1942


Ofw Klopper, Knight’s Cross holder, showing three fingers to indicate three victories in a single flight; with JG 51.


  1. Photos and article on JG Molders – 3 pages
  2. Sinking a British oil tanker by bombing
  3. Recon with the FW189 – drawings
  4. Photos – fun and games at an airfield
  5. Photo essay on air-sea rescue
  6. Photo essay ‘Before the first operational flight’ showing Dornier 215/217 crews and aircraft
  7. Knight’s Cross winners – 13
  8. Article on Ireland
  9. Article on Me110 ‘Destroyer’ exploits, drawings
  10. (page missing)
  11. Photo essay, mountain climbing
  12. Photo essay on German culture
  13. Photo essay, producing fine porcelain
  14. Photo essay, Berlin dance troupe performs for the wounded
  15. Full page ad for Junkers
  16. Half-page ad for Arado AR196
  17. Continuation of the ‘Destroyer’ article
  18. Full-page ad for E Merck supporting health in peace and war
  19. Article on a bomber unit that had flown 5,000 sorties in He111s
  20. Half-page ad for Pelikan typing paper
  21. Four ads: Nordland windscreens; Perutz Film; BWM steel; Mauser aircraft cannon
  22. Four ads: mimosa film gear; Boninger tobacco; Citrovanille medication; Sparkassen
  23. Continuation on culture article
  24. Half-page ad: Togal tabletsfor illnesses
  25. Four ads: Khasana medications; Kaliklora toothpaste; Efasit foot powder; Formamint for coughs, etc in crowds
  26. Crossword and puzzles
  27. Ads: Agfa film; Bayer medications
  28. 7 cartoons on back

5 September 1944


Tailgunner in He177 closing his canopy


  1. Anti-aircraft action in the north Sea
  2. Exploding bombs after an air-raid
  3. Examining a crashed British Horsa glider
  4. Camouflage on an airfield working detail
  5. Two new Luftwaffe aircraft: He177 and Me210
  6. Knight’s Cross winners (13 in all)
  7. Future of the petrol engine at high speeds
  8. Plight of the population in northern France
  9. People’s labour in defence of the Reich borders digging trenches
  10. Use of radium in medicine
  11. Examples of works of German artists
  12. Review of a play about Samurai
  13. Review of a film about WW1
  14. Paratroops in action against the British (story with drawing)
  15. Ads for Seibel 204 and 25 years of production by Junkers
  16. ‘Giovanni drives bombs for the Germans’ story/photo
  17. Ads: Bessapan film, Schwarz propellors, Ford and Agfa photos, metal protection in aero engines, Leitz lenses, BMW motors, wheels and trucks, Henkel chemistry products
  18. Photo of actress Lizzi Waldmuller, crosswords and puzzles
  19. Ads for shoe leather, hair hygiene, Pelikan typrewriter ribbons, ‘T3’ drink, band-aid equivalent, suntan cream, tooth-paste, health tablets, manuals on technical matters, foot-powder, Mauser, paper, engineer drawing tables, wound bandages, E Merck chemicals, Henschel binoculars
  20. Photo essay on net-fishing in a lake
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